The Wanderlust is Real

I got home from Thailand on October 26. It was a grueling flight home – I was sick, it was about 18 hours long, the food was terrible and my neck pillow was the absolute worst. We got to the airport, hopped into the first cab that we saw and made it home by 6pm local time. At which point, my mother looks at me and asks, “where to next?”. I couldn’t even help but give out an exhausted sigh and said, “I think I’m good for the year”.

And yet here I am, 3 weeks later, getting jittery because I don’t have my next adventure planned.

Maybe it sounds cliché but being in my mid 20s (exactly – I turned 25 while over in Thailand) with a stable job with a 28 day rotation, I need some type of excitement in my life. In the schedule that I’m in right now, there are 7 days that I am not scheduled to work (and before you go get your panties in a knot, there is a week that I work 6 out of 7 days). In those 7 days off, I typically pick up some overtime, do some groceries, hang out with friends and whatever other little jobs that I neglect while I’m on my schedule. That 7 days off though makes it the perfect opportunity to go travel.

One of the reasons that I’m not trying to plan my next travel adventure is because I’m in the pursuit of looking to buy a house. And being in Thailand for 2 weeks and not being able to look at houses before or after then probably caused me to lose out on a few bids. My original plan anyways was to wait until after Thailand to start very seriously looking for a house but this adventure just isn’t the same as looking up a million sights to see in a new country or trying to learn a new language. And the market right now is almost too fast for me to keep up and having only my income is not exactly working out in my favour (#singlegirlwoes).

Some of the places that I’m hoping to go next year is Costa Rica. I just really have this idea about surfing, volcanoes, laying at the beach… I think it could be the perfect combination of vacationing and travelling all in one beautiful destination.

Hopefully my wanderlust will calm down a bit and the housing market will work out in my favour so I don’t feel this nervousness about being in the same place for too long. In the mean time, I guess I should plan some day or weekend trips to keep myself afloat.

Anywhere that you’re planning on going to this year??


I am me

So I’m a little late (and for those who know me, it’s not something that really happens often) but I’m taking part of Blogging 101’s blog challenge. Today (or yesterday) I am to introduce myself to my blogging world.

Well, my name is Rachel. I am 23 and just started working in a job with the Ministry of Health that I hope evolves into my career. My background includes a degree in Sociology with a minor in English. I started my blog late last year in hopes that it would help me write more often. And now I’m doing this blogging challenge to try to add a bit more structure to my writing as well as to write a bit more consistently.

I have loved writing since I was a young child. Although I was never that person that dictated stories to my parents to type, many of the gifts to my family and friends have included a letter. I was also a big fan of writing short stories, songs and journal entries through all of my education. I have a bit of a sore spot to university, however, because I find it more difficult now to sit and write something. Creative writing is somewhat lost for me and that is something that I hope I can recover. I am also in the pursuit of reading a book per week (might decrease some weeks, especially after summer) in order to expose myself to literature again.

I plan on writing about a variety of topics but the main ones will likely (and already have) included gender issues (femininity and masculinity), villains, friendship, relationships, and other social encounters.

I am one of the people who still gets some social anxiety about others reading my writing which is why a lot of my previous posts do not include a tag. I am hopeful to overcome this throughout this challenge.

I don’t really know what else to write. I am me. It’s very nice to meet you.