The Wanderlust is Real

I got home from Thailand on October 26. It was a grueling flight home – I was sick, it was about 18 hours long, the food was terrible and my neck pillow was the absolute worst. We got to the airport, hopped into the first cab that we saw and made it home by 6pm local time. At which point, my mother looks at me and asks, “where to next?”. I couldn’t even help but give out an exhausted sigh and said, “I think I’m good for the year”.

And yet here I am, 3 weeks later, getting jittery because I don’t have my next adventure planned.

Maybe it sounds cliché but being in my mid 20s (exactly – I turned 25 while over in Thailand) with a stable job with a 28 day rotation, I need some type of excitement in my life. In the schedule that I’m in right now, there are 7 days that I am not scheduled to work (and before you go get your panties in a knot, there is a week that I work 6 out of 7 days). In those 7 days off, I typically pick up some overtime, do some groceries, hang out with friends and whatever other little jobs that I neglect while I’m on my schedule. That 7 days off though makes it the perfect opportunity to go travel.

One of the reasons that I’m not trying to plan my next travel adventure is because I’m in the pursuit of looking to buy a house. And being in Thailand for 2 weeks and not being able to look at houses before or after then probably caused me to lose out on a few bids. My original plan anyways was to wait until after Thailand to start very seriously looking for a house but this adventure just isn’t the same as looking up a million sights to see in a new country or trying to learn a new language. And the market right now is almost too fast for me to keep up and having only my income is not exactly working out in my favour (#singlegirlwoes).

Some of the places that I’m hoping to go next year is Costa Rica. I just really have this idea about surfing, volcanoes, laying at the beach… I think it could be the perfect combination of vacationing and travelling all in one beautiful destination.

Hopefully my wanderlust will calm down a bit and the housing market will work out in my favour so I don’t feel this nervousness about being in the same place for too long. In the mean time, I guess I should plan some day or weekend trips to keep myself afloat.

Anywhere that you’re planning on going to this year??


Social work culture

I love the people at my job. I am finding ways of fitting in in my own way.

To put it into perspective a bit: one lady has a very flirtatious relationship with all of the men. They all recognize that she is very good looking (even I do). This is very similar with the other two ladies that I work with regularly.

And I don’t fit into this trend.

Let me rephrase. I’m not a girl who puts in a lot of effort into my appearance. Which (in my mind) makes me one of the less attractive girls at work. Yet at my job, they haven’t seemed to hold this against me. These people have accepted how I roll out of bed, put on my uniform and then head to work. I don’t see the point of putting on make-up. I don’t straighten my hair. I am a very “au naturel” type of person and the people at my work include me in the work antics.

I’m not overly talkative at work so far. That will take time and that will happen naturally as I work there more often. But I’m thankful so far for the efforts people have put in.

I’m starting to successfully integrate into the social side of my work. I think this is partly due to my sense of self – I am not going to go outside of who I am just to fit into some culture. And I also think it’s because these people accept people who show ability to do the job.

I found out on Friday that I was chosen as one of the two people to take a full time position. And it was announced to the floor today. And so far, everyone has been very supportive.

Then again, I would be very shocked if someone told me to my face that I wasn’t well suited for the job. Yet, with the amount of support and congratulations that I’ve received from the members of the floor so far, I feel very welcomed and like I belong. I hope that it’s only the beginning of further social integration success.

Target Audience

As part of the Blogging101 challenge, today we are to write a post that would attract our target audience.

In the midst of starting a new job, I’ve been a little behind on some of these “challenges” (but I guess they’re more like workshops or inspirations but I guess the competitive nature in me prefers to look at it as a challenge… hahaha). So after my run this afternoon, I spent a lot of time focusing on the previous day’s challenge (to follow 5 new blogs and like 5 new posts). There was one line that I read that was very provoking to me… “second journal”. It was something along the lines of a journal that is made in order to be read by other people.

I’m realizing this is what my blog will become… my somewhat tangled thoughts about my day trying to be straightened out to find meaning in the madness. target audience

I’m hoping to attract other young professionals who are very new in their careers. I love my job – there hasn’t been a day yet in the 2 months of working there that I haven’t wanted to go there (of course there have been days that I haven’t wanted to get out of bed but that’s something very different). And I know that I have a lot of challenges coming ahead as I work to get signed off on training. I’m hoping to find people who can appreciate a love to your career… I guess these people don’t necessarily need to be young.

I am also single. I haven’t had a long term relationship for about a year now as I’ve been looking for my career. I find it very difficult to meet new people with the limited social systems made for young adults. I’ve dabbled in online dating but I can’t always find the patience to maintain a conversation.

My target audience will also need to be very patient while they work through my blogs. I’m hopeful that 9 out of 10 posts will end with some form of clarity but I know it’s not always going to be the case.

Thank you for reading as always!