The Wanderlust is Real

I got home from Thailand on October 26. It was a grueling flight home – I was sick, it was about 18 hours long, the food was terrible and my neck pillow was the absolute worst. We got to the airport, hopped into the first cab that we saw and made it home by 6pm local time. At which point, my mother looks at me and asks, “where to next?”. I couldn’t even help but give out an exhausted sigh and said, “I think I’m good for the year”.

And yet here I am, 3 weeks later, getting jittery because I don’t have my next adventure planned.

Maybe it sounds cliché but being in my mid 20s (exactly – I turned 25 while over in Thailand) with a stable job with a 28 day rotation, I need some type of excitement in my life. In the schedule that I’m in right now, there are 7 days that I am not scheduled to work (and before you go get your panties in a knot, there is a week that I work 6 out of 7 days). In those 7 days off, I typically pick up some overtime, do some groceries, hang out with friends and whatever other little jobs that I neglect while I’m on my schedule. That 7 days off though makes it the perfect opportunity to go travel.

One of the reasons that I’m not trying to plan my next travel adventure is because I’m in the pursuit of looking to buy a house. And being in Thailand for 2 weeks and not being able to look at houses before or after then probably caused me to lose out on a few bids. My original plan anyways was to wait until after Thailand to start very seriously looking for a house but this adventure just isn’t the same as looking up a million sights to see in a new country or trying to learn a new language. And the market right now is almost too fast for me to keep up and having only my income is not exactly working out in my favour (#singlegirlwoes).

Some of the places that I’m hoping to go next year is Costa Rica. I just really have this idea about surfing, volcanoes, laying at the beach… I think it could be the perfect combination of vacationing and travelling all in one beautiful destination.

Hopefully my wanderlust will calm down a bit and the housing market will work out in my favour so I don’t feel this nervousness about being in the same place for too long. In the mean time, I guess I should plan some day or weekend trips to keep myself afloat.

Anywhere that you’re planning on going to this year??


Unexpected Relief

I always like when there’s an unexpected positive result from something that seems inconvenient.

To clarify: I am very close to going over my data plan for the month. I have never come close but due to uploading pictures onto my Google Drive over data (rather than being patient and waiting until I got home), I have spent the last week in a continuing awareness of my data consumption on my phone. And because of this awareness and not wanting to pay a stupid amount of money for random overage charges, I have turned my data off for the majority of the time. And when I’m at home, I am connected to our wireless and therefore, not using any data.

The result? I am on my phone way less! And actually enjoying life a little bit more.

I’ve told a few key people (my real estate agent mostly) that they need to let me know if they are sending me an email. And whether it’s time sensitive or not. I still turned on my data today while on break at work so I could check an email about a potential house offer but then afterwards, I turned it right back off. And I turned on my data a few times during night shifts to play a couple rounds of Words with Friends and check a few posts of IG and FB but I’m not spending the whole time looking at Pinterest (something that I probably spend way too much time doing). I turn on my data, check my notifications and then move on with my day. I don’t spend a whole lot of time checking to see if I have notifications – because once I know that they’re there, they bother the corners of my mind like I’m making someone wait for a response. Why should I feel like that kind of pressure with social media? I don’t think I need to feel the burden of being available to people 24/7. Yet it’s a new cultural norm with this overly accessible technology.

My plan refreshes on Tuesday so I am not worried that I’m going to go over my data at all. And sure, would it have been nice to be able to snapchat this featured picture? Yeah for sure but it’s not like I need to show people a moment to moment glimpse of what I’m doing in my day. I was able to upload it to my IG and FB when it was more time appropriate and got to spend the time with my friend rather than trying to find the best filter and hashtags for the occasion.

I feel like I’m a lot more disconnected from social media and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I am no longer “up to date” with all the Instagram photos or Facebook posts from all of my friends. I feel like I’m more of a human being rather than just a drone watching a screen.

Overall, will I probably turn my data back on starting on Tuesday? Yes. But I’m hoping that these changes of not being on my phone while I am out and about will continue.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians out here

🙂 xo

The Independent Traveller


So I recently got back from a solo trip to Iceland. I was there for 4 days. I stayed in a hotel, did excursions with groups and then went for dinner and whatnot on my own. It wasn’t my absolute first time travelling on my own – I went to Montreal for a few days over my birthday when I was 21. The trip to Iceland itself was incredible – the sights were breathtaking, the capital city is filled with cool shops. The place was amazing for my inner hipster.

But I’m probably still most surprised with the number of people who were surprised and proud of me for travelling on my own. I wish I had kept count of the number of people who praised me for travelling on my own. Some of my friends, my family, people that I met on the trip, they were all mildly shocked but encouraging of travelling on my own. A lot of people expressed that they wished they were that brave to do the same.

Not everyone was overly encouraging or even acknowledged someone travelling on their own. My one negative experience was trying to get my luggage after being in the Blue Lagoon. For an extra fee, you can have them store your luggage, which is incredibly useful if you’re coming or going from Iceland (the Blue Lagoon is an ideal adventure on either of these dates due to the close geographic range to the international airport). There was a family in front of me in line and after they had been given their luggage, I was clearly right in front of the teller but the man behind me must have mistaken me to be part of that family since he tried to give his ticket. Simple mistake, yes? Well, I happened to look back at him as I gave my ticket to the teller and there was no look or mention of remorse. He almost looked surprised that I was just on my own and this was where my expression became less than amused and turned into a glare of such.

Travelling on my own reminds me that I am able to be a leader but also able to make my own path. I don’t need to always follow the prescribed social agenda that is provided by society. There are changes that can be made and alterations that can be pushed. Not only did I do this by travelling on my own but also while on some of the excursions, I didn’t just look at the sights that were in front of me. For example, at Seljalandsfoss, one of the waterfall attractions in Iceland, I followed a path away from the main waterfall to find a hidden waterfall. I have super cool pictures and amazing memories of how I got back on the bus with my hair soaked (you literally get up and close with this waterfall) and everyone else was asking where I went. I showed them my pictures and they were all in awe. It just shows how sometimes it’s worth it to take a gander away.10665165_10154031324163792_7208869639227575773_n.jpg

Travelling on my own also made me more approachable to other travelers. I made friends with other travelers. Whether this was because they felt “sorry” for the girl standing on her own or because they needed that little break from their current travelling partners but it was a cool opportunity to learn about other people.

I think me travelling on my own reminded other people of taking the path that’s less traveled. Not experiencing something just because you’re the only one that wants to do it. Or willing to make time for it. It’s not apologizing for who you are. It’s being a “wild one”.