Schedules and Life

I find it funny that most people would use their week off to restart all their good habits (reading, exercising, eating right) and yet, I seem to do it once my schedule restarts with my 4 nights.

I’m on a 28 day rotation with my job. In there, we get 7 days off in a row (before you get too jealous, I also work six out of seven days at one point in my schedule). Normally on my week off, I do a bit of overtime work and a lot of hanging out at home. The last two months were off balanced between the holidays and then being burnt out from the holidays. So I just finished my week off (I’m completed night number one of four) but it’s now that I’m packing a full lunch full of fruits and vegetables. It’s now that I want to go work out. It’s now that I want to work on the online writing course that I’m taking. None of these desires came during my week off. Well, it was actually three days off. But those three days, I barely wanted to drive around the city to get my errands done.

Maybe having that much concentrated time off in a row is where I start to get lazy.

My job does not let me have weekly routines. I cannot say that I am always going to do my groceries on a Saturday or all my cooking on a Monday because twice a month, I will work a 12 hour shift on those days. This has its fair share of social implications (I cannot join a rec league unless I want to use vacation time for the beginning or end of my shift). It’s funny because it’s not like I am the kind of person to join those types of things but now that I can’t, I’m almost bothered.

Here’s to kick starting my healthy life style again and going for a run!

Happy Saturday!


I apologize for this post seeming disorganized. My goal right now is to write and publish more often and then hopefully with time, I’ll be more diligent about focus and editing.


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