Alternate Reality

Now that the weather is starting to get a bit nicer, I’ve started to sit in a lawn chair in my backyard and read. It’s quite peaceful – there are the birds singing and another neighbour always seems to be outside playing rock music (and I’m not being sarcastic – I really enjoy it). I sit out there for an hour or so and read my book but yesterday, I was looking around and I wondered what the backyard would look like if my father had never passed away.

We live in a very nice city and we actually have a decent size backyard (when we were kids, my sister and I actually used to play soccer baseball!). Currently, there’s a lot of green space at the back with big trees and rocks. On one side there is a shed on patio stones and the other side has a little garden. The rest of the backyard is grass.

My mom still has this idea of putting patio stones in the back. I think I’d actually like them in the middle of the backyard around a fire pit.

A lot of things around my house got put to the side after my father passed away. It was 12 years ago and we still have the same kitchen, living room set, basement furniture and many other things. Typical maintenance on this house has been neglected and my mother is trying to get things back in order slowly. It is a lot to try to do after 12 years and quite expensive. I think the backyard will be the last thing that will be done. It’s just funny because I’ve started to think about my dream backyard.

Our neighbours on each side have wooden patios and one of them has a pool. Lovely things where they spend their time a lot outside. I don’t think that I’d like a pool but I like the idea of having some patio stones set down for some nicer chairs and maybe a fire pit for the early evenings.

Maybe in another life. For now, I’m still pretty happy with my lawn chair, book and sounds (but natural and fabricated haha)



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