Bucket List

So my birthday is coming up at the end of the week. A few years ago, my friend introduced me to a tradition of doing a set of new things per year (the number being the age that you’re going to turn). AKA this year, I should have done 24 things before turning 24. Now, I haven’t really kept up with this tradition but I think that it’s a pretty cool idea and I’d like to get back into it. I also want to try to tie some ideas from The Happiness Project and adding new things to my life to try to add to my happiness.

So my 24 things included the following:

  1. Donate blood – I did try to do this and did not weigh enough. But once I’m 24, that no longer matters
  2. Volunteer at a soup kitchen – nope 😦
  3. Go skating – nope
  4. Go see a psychic – nope but this is definitely still on my list
  5. Be a vegetarian for a month – not done but I did adopt meatless Mondays
  6. Play a game of chess – no
  7. Swim 10 x 100 IM on 2:05 – HA. no. Maybe next year without the time request
  8. Join a choir / something to start singing again – no but it’ll roll over
  9. Mail a letter to a friend abroad
  10. Bubble soccer – no but one day that would be cool
  11. Go hiking – started doing this one again, which is awesome. Just need to keep it up.
  12. Run over 10K – just barely over but it was done 🙂
  13. Do something crafty – knitting, cross-stitch etc – I did a few puzzles back in December
  14. Read a Stephen King book – I tried to read The Shining but I just couldn’t get into it.
  15. Take a cooking class – nope
  16. Buy someone a vacation – nope. Maybe in a few years
  17. Wine/beer/spirits class – no but that would be cool
  18. Go rockclimbing – no but I really want to do this asap
  19. Take up kayaking – nope 😦
  20. No bra picture – nope 😦
  21. Go on a picnic – nope 😦
  22. Hang up my SG singlet – donezo! Got my big girl career and left COB the beginning of June 2014
  23. Start and maintain a blog – kind of.
  24. <>

So not the most successful when you look at it this way but I’m starting to think of 25 things to do before I turn 25… anyone got any ideas or suggestions?


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