High School Roots

It is one of my best friend’s birthdays next week but she’s going away for a vacation so she had her birthday party tonight. She has a very random combination of friends – some from high school, some from university, some from work and some from miscellaneous…. I’m sure like most of us. I fall into her friends from high school (although I’ve actually known her since I was 9 years old). And given that we have been friends for so long, I will always make an appearance to one of her events, even though I don’t have a common base of friends.

So I worked all day, didn’t sleep well last night but still went to the party because that’s what good friends do. And I had a decent time – I was able to talk to some people from high school that I don’t see very regularly (actually I tend to see them every year at this friend’s birthday party haha) which was fun. But it’s funny how much people can change within 6 years. I’ve had two serious jobs since university and am just starting my adult life. It’s weird to talk to an old classmate who is living with her boyfriend in a house that he bought and she has a corporate cell phone and has the title of “manager of corporate events” or something to that effect. At the same timie, it’s funny to talk to someone who is just starting their Masters and is taking life ‘slow’ because he knows that he’s at the peak.

I think it’s encouraging to see that there’s no one path that we need to take – that we all are just trying to figure it out. We all started at the same place in high school but we’re haven’t ended up in the same place.

The party was good but it as time to leave at 11pm. Since Ii wasn’t good friends with anyone there, there’s really only so much small talk that I can muster up haha.

I don’t want to say my current emotion is nostalgic because I’m not longing for the past at all – but I’m very thankful to be able to see my roots and see where I am now. I feel more grounded.


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