Confessions from a Single Girl

I’ve been at the same job now for about 3 months and am starting to get a bit more comfortable. I’m slowly trying to make my life less about work and maybe a bit more balanced. It’s been about a year since I dated somebody for longer than a week. It’s weird because a lot of my friends are still in school or aren’t as comfortable in their jobs.

But last night I had a dream about kissing a former co-worker. I didn’t realize the dream until later this morning when I went to pick up a friend for breakfast. When I realized it, I started to laugh to myself and joked to myself that I’ve been single for way too long. [For the record, I’ve never had romantic feelings for that co-worker – I think it was just because his name was brought up yesterday in conversation]. It’s been about a year since I’ve dated someone for longer than a week.

To be entirely truthful – there might be a guy that I’m waiting for. The perfect guy from my childhood that I just can’t get over. But maybe at the same time, it’s worth trying something new. I’ve been on some online dating profiles for a while but I don’t take them entirely seriously (and I don’t know if anybody really should). It’s a weird transition to start thinking of myself as more of an adult.

It’s a difficult day because all the movies on TV today are chick-flick/rom coms. Makes my single status a bit more evident.

My confession is that it’s not always comfortable to be single. Most of the time it doesn’t really bother me but there are these few days every couple months when it gets to me. When seeing a couple walking across the street holding hands does make me purse my lips and squint my eyes a bit. I truly believe that you can’t be in a relationship until you’re comfortable being single alone but I’m not sure if these days count.


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