Dating to Infinity and beyond

Today I was on one of my first dates in quite a few months. It was really cute and there were moments that were ridiculously cute – one that was even from before we met. He asked for my phone number so that he could ask me out over the phone. During the date, it was adorable when he touched the small of my back to lead me in a particular direction… when he touched my shoulder to make sure I was okay (I was being rather quiet… nerves I guess or just enjoying the silence) and when he reached his hand over to mine to hold hands. We have our next date scheduled so I’m trying to not get too ahead of myself and just see where it takes me.

But it got me thinking about other couples. And one in particular. They are still “undercover”. I only know from a friend (and it’s not even like I’m going to tell anyone of consequences in their lives). And as much as with my first date from today, I’m not going to go around and tell everyone about him (in fact, I will likely only tell one person), I couldn’t imagine being covert after the third date. Even today, we were downtown and with many possibilities to see multiple people that we both knew. If it had happened, I’m sure we would’ve just introduced by names without including the first date information (why make things more awkward than need to be) but it’s not like we would have stopped holding hands or whatnot because of it.

It just seems odd to me to be in a relationship that people can’t know about… that people do know about but they have to pretend that it’s not really happening. To help to show the rest of people that the connection between those two people is all in their head.

Dating is still a conundrum to me. I’m still trying to work out all the details.


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