Target Audience

As part of the Blogging101 challenge, today we are to write a post that would attract our target audience.

In the midst of starting a new job, I’ve been a little behind on some of these “challenges” (but I guess they’re more like workshops or inspirations but I guess the competitive nature in me prefers to look at it as a challenge… hahaha). So after my run this afternoon, I spent a lot of time focusing on the previous day’s challenge (to follow 5 new blogs and like 5 new posts). There was one line that I read that was very provoking to me… “second journal”. It was something along the lines of a journal that is made in order to be read by other people.

I’m realizing this is what my blog will become… my somewhat tangled thoughts about my day trying to be straightened out to find meaning in the madness. target audience

I’m hoping to attract other young professionals who are very new in their careers. I love my job – there hasn’t been a day yet in the 2 months of working there that I haven’t wanted to go there (of course there have been days that I haven’t wanted to get out of bed but that’s something very different). And I know that I have a lot of challenges coming ahead as I work to get signed off on training. I’m hoping to find people who can appreciate a love to your career… I guess these people don’t necessarily need to be young.

I am also single. I haven’t had a long term relationship for about a year now as I’ve been looking for my career. I find it very difficult to meet new people with the limited social systems made for young adults. I’ve dabbled in online dating but I can’t always find the patience to maintain a conversation.

My target audience will also need to be very patient while they work through my blogs. I’m hopeful that 9 out of 10 posts will end with some form of clarity but I know it’s not always going to be the case.

Thank you for reading as always!


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