Female Villains

Regina George played by Rachel McAdams… Carla Santini played by Megan Fox… Bellatrix Lestrange played by Helena Bonman…. (*spoiler alert*) Tell All being narrated by Hazie Coogan. What do these characters have in common? Being female villains.

There’s still something uncommon about female villains in the media. The first two actresses used those roles as starting blocks for some major Hollywood careers. And went on to play “good” characters, or the protagonists as some would say. Both of these first mentioned antagonists play very typical female roles. And by that, I mean that they are portrayed as “catty” and mostly work on knocking down the protagonist through social status.

The last two; however, take on a fuller role where their characters commit heinous crimes of murder and torture.

I know of many friends who are still in the research area of female prisoners and offenders. What is the difference between these people?

If I ever get around to writing my own fiction book, I think I will include a female villain. I would have to include elements of social status because that seems to be of much more importance to females than males (for a reason that I’m not going to attempt to unravel) but also include more tarnishing and permanent forms of being a villain.

Sure, the school bully has probably taunted everyone. Although my high school was too small to really allow for such behaviour, there was definitely a “cool” group. And I was not part of it. And I think this is where the female villain really started to take off… because there was always that “queen bee” or that leader of the girl group that would have the final say about whether a trend was worthy of time or not within that institution. But I don’t know if I like the fact that the female role is limited to such a small role. Is this all that women are good for?

Or the other female villain is Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. And this movie, I think, does a good job to show the social consequences women face for devoting their lives to their careers and being “tough”.

This is a topic of interest and this is by no means a full evaluation of the topic. Just some mindless rambling to try to keep some of my writing skills up… Can’t believe that it’s only 400 words though.


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