Lessons from Vocal Music

I got together this morning with some old acquaintances and my old vocal coach. I worked with Nikki (vocal coach) from 2004 to 2010 (I think). The other three girls that we were with were all studying music in post secondary. I did not the two times that I went to post secondary. And I don’t regret it. I learned so much from vocal lessons even though I didn’t pursue music.

I gained a lot of confidence from my vocal lessons. Nikki used to start many recitals with reminding people that the number one fear in North America is public speaking and that singing was that much more terrifying because of how personal it was. So the fact that I’ve done over 20 performances is incredible. Never mind the hundreds of lessons and times that I sang in front of Nikki and other audiences. It really requires you to have that kind of confidence in yourself to put yourself out there like that. I think in some ways, vocal performances are more intimidating than instrumental.

In my college program, we did mock interviews. While I was nervous, I was able to show a confident exterior and speak loudly. Sure – I still talk at a fast pace, which shows off my nerves, but I can somewhat counteract it with my volume. Voice projection was just something that needed to be done in vocal music – especially choral music to blend the harmony and melody. Enunciation was also something that I needed. Voice presentation skills were also needed to tell the story of the song.

All of the girls were talking about their classes with stars in their eyes. They all looked so inspired and they all seemed like they were aware of the difficulties of the career path they had chosen. I was not that type of personality by any means. Yet I still don’t think that my music lessons were a waste at all.

All of these lessons are able to help me with my potential career as a 911 operator. And even if they don’t, it’s pretty awesome to be able to think about all that I’ve done. Sure, music lessons are super expensive but I think its well worth the money. If I ever have children, it is money that I’m willing to spend – I definitely got way more out of it than I put in, even without becoming a professional musician.


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