2014 and 2015 Resolutions

It seems that a lot of the lifetime articles have to do with new years resolutions.

New years is typically characterized by a new beginning. An opportunity to renew and improve your habits and behaviour. I used to really like new years. And I think every year, I’ve made a new years resolution. I normally make a little sign for myself to put somewhere in my room to remind myself of my goal. For example, in 2006, I wanted to be happier. So I put up a little note in my room that said, “Smile more often”. And by the end of 2006, I felt like a lighter and happier person. It was great. But since then, I don’t think I can remember what any of my resolutions have been.

But that’s not to say that I haven’t made progress. My friend texted me about how amazing 2014 was for him.

And when I think about 2014, it was pretty incredible.

  • I traveled out east to compete in lifeguarding and managed to come third
  • I put myself first and quit a job that wasn’t making me happy and treaded a new path back to school and career wise;
  • I made real friendships and have maintained them even with being away;
  • I bought a new car;
  • I interviewed for a very competitive position and managed to get onto an “eligibility list”
  • I went to hot yoga classes on a weekly basis
  • Ran in a 10K race

That’s not to say that there aren’t things that I want to do this coming year. For example, I want to put myself out there more – try to date people. I also want to “unplug” from electronics, read more books and do more writing.

We’ll see where the year goes. Maybe not everything that I want to get done will happen but hopefully I’ll be able to improve the type of person that I am. That’s all that I can do and it’s not always about it being January 1 but just about taking these types of things day by day.


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