Schedules and Life

I find it funny that most people would use their week off to restart all their good habits (reading, exercising, eating right) and yet, I seem to do it once my schedule restarts with my 4 nights.

I’m on a 28 day rotation with my job. In there, we get 7 days off in a row (before you get too jealous, I also work six out of seven days at one point in my schedule). Normally on my week off, I do a bit of overtime work and a lot of hanging out at home. The last two months were off balanced between the holidays and then being burnt out from the holidays. So I just finished my week off (I’m completed night number one of four) but it’s now that I’m packing a full lunch full of fruits and vegetables. It’s now that I want to go work out. It’s now that I want to work on the online writing course that I’m taking. None of these desires came during my week off. Well, it was actually three days off. But those three days, I barely wanted to drive around the city to get my errands done.

Maybe having that much concentrated time off in a row is where I start to get lazy.

My job does not let me have weekly routines. I cannot say that I am always going to do my groceries on a Saturday or all my cooking on a Monday because twice a month, I will work a 12 hour shift on those days. This has its fair share of social implications (I cannot join a rec league unless I want to use vacation time for the beginning or end of my shift). It’s funny because it’s not like I am the kind of person to join those types of things but now that I can’t, I’m almost bothered.

Here’s to kick starting my healthy life style again and going for a run!

Happy Saturday!


I apologize for this post seeming disorganized. My goal right now is to write and publish more often and then hopefully with time, I’ll be more diligent about focus and editing.


2016 Year in Review

So it’s pretty safe to say that 2016 was a difficult year for celebrities with many deaths (Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Prince, David Bowie and many others). It’s also been an interesting year for American politics and the election of Donald Trump becoming the President January 2017.

About a year ago, one of my friend’s sent me a text about how his 2015 was pretty spectacular… he went on a trip to Europe with some friends and his girlfriend, he took control of his life and went back to school and he was in a pretty stable relationship. I wonder what he thinks of 2016. Him and his girlfriend broke up, he graduated school but took a job in a different industry and has been working two jobs since.

As for me, 2016 was a pretty great year. I started full time in February which gave me the opportunities to do lots of travelling. Iceland in March, New Orleans in May, British Columbia in September and Thailand in October. I started looking at the real estate market for houses to buy (although lost quite a few bidding wars).

Starting in 2017, I’m taking an online fiction writing course. I’m hoping that this provides me with a bit more structure to my writing and something more to do on my days off. I’m also hoping in 2017 to do more “events” like concerts, plays, axe-throwing or anything else without as much of a regard to the price.

This is just a short post because I’d like to get it completed before too much of 2017 goes by… haha.

What are some of your resolutions or hopes for the new year??


People talk about brand names and the price of a pair of shoes. They care about whether they is a Michael Kors in a specific outlet mall. About how much they saved on their Kate Spade purse.

And yet in the last year, I’ve been trying to buy from local places, places that give back or places that are aware of their environmental impact. My favourite places are the ones that combine all three but that’s a rare find. Right now, in my opinion, there is a huge overspending and overbuying problem. People buy so many clothes only to throw others out rather than try to find another owner or another use for the clothing. People buy new dishwashers and microwaves and throw away the old ones rather than trying to find someone who could use something that maybe doesn’t work the best.

I just never really understood the status of a brand. That’s kind of funny considering I studied sociology and brands and meanings behind symbols is such a huge part of my studies but when it comes to clothes, it’s never something that I’ve given a lot of thought.

In the last year, I’ve gained secure, good paying employment. And because I’ve been so lucky to find that, I am mindful that everyone else should be able to find that. This is one of the reasons that I have a Pinterest board called “Smart Shopping” and follow so many people on Instagram – I am trying to find places that manufacture their products ethically – both financially and in terms of work conditions. Environmental impact is also something that is important to me – we only have this one Earth and we’ve already done a lot of damage so we need to start finding trends that will stop the destruction and hopefully reverse some of the damage.

Now obviously, buying items that are ethically made cost a bit more money. Quite a bit in some cases. But this also helps to reduce the mindless spending that a lot of people do. I am not trying to be a saint – I have more than my fair share of clothing and of random things. But I would rather pay a little extra for something that is going to last for a lot longer than some of the crap that places produce.

With trying to save money and save the environment, I have done a lot of consignment shopping in the last two years. I realize that I am in a position that is able to do this since I don’t need to buy work clothes as I have a uniform for work. Back when I needed to buy work clothes, I probably wouldn’t have been overly optimistic about finding something I could wear to the office that was second hand. Nonetheless, for my life right now, getting secondhand jeans and sweaters works really well for me. Both of the places that I go are really particular about what clothes they are willing to accept so I’ve never had an issue with the quality of my clothes.

Black Friday just passed and I guess today is Cyber Monday. People mindlessly spending their hard earned money on things that will most likely collect dust. Don’t get me wrong – I get the point of waiting for a good sale for something that you really want but I just wish that people would buy more things that they needed rather than just having things for the sake of having things. I don’t understand the purpose of having a brand name purse. I barely know most of the brand names that people talk about – I never go near the stores because I can’t imagine putting that much money into an item of clothing only to make another person richer.

That’s just my thoughts about shopping. What are yours?

Sexual Chemistry or Sexual Skill

Hello fellow young adults!

So prior to writing a new post, I went through some of my drafts that I’ve had saved for how long. And then I found this one – it was mostly written, what I thought was an interesting topic and still relevant. So I’ve edited and added to this post but the majority of the ideas were from February.

Further to my post back in February (The Politics of Dating), I wrote about my experience on a second date. Originally, I focused a lot about some of the discussions that we had at the beginning of the date. I left out the second half of the date – the stuff that happened in the bedroom.

No, we did not sleep together. Not that I wouldn’t do it on a second date but it was just not something on my mind.

Yet everything else that we did was spectacular. And I mean “Oh” my gosh.

This was a thought that lingered in my mind for at least a week after our second date. It made me feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City except I wasn’t going to get paid to finish this blog post, which is probably why it had to sit for 9 months before I looked at it again. Nevertheless…

Was my great experience because we have good sexual chemistry or because he has good sexual skill?

This boy in question has a fairly experienced number of partners in my opinion. And I’m not trying to cast any sort of judgment because as many of my friends would indicate, it’s a learning process, self-discovery and really, just fun. As long as people are safe about protecting themselves, who am I to say what number of partners is too many for a person.

However, I still do need to believe that a certain number of partners would indicate a different level of skill. It’s different experience with different people – the opportunity to notice new trends and patterns and even new things to try out.

During the chat that this boy and I had when revealing our numbers, I expressed my surprise to his number. His response (wittingly), “was I so inept?”. And my reply, “no, I guess I was the inept one there”. And again, this is my own perception, but the more times you compete at an event, typically, the better you do. For example, the more swim meets that one attends, the more comfortable said person gets at diving into the pool, doing the flip turns, finishing at the wall etc.. And if they go to different pools, lets say, they learn about different formats of pools.

Fast forward to the present – this boy and I are no longer dating, we never slept together but we did have some fun. We didn’t work out, I think, because although the physical was great, we couldn’t catch up the emotional/intellectual connection to a place that I would like it to be. I actually remember going on a fourth or fifth date, hoping that we could find some common ground before I broke it off. I think it was relatively mutual.

I think that he was someone with a lot of sexual skill. My ex-lover (not even a serious relationship but the closest thing that I have) and I had a great combination of sexual chemistry and sexual skill. I think that’s the goal – to find someone who obviously knows that they’re doing but that just matches with your body.

The Wanderlust is Real

I got home from Thailand on October 26. It was a grueling flight home – I was sick, it was about 18 hours long, the food was terrible and my neck pillow was the absolute worst. We got to the airport, hopped into the first cab that we saw and made it home by 6pm local time. At which point, my mother looks at me and asks, “where to next?”. I couldn’t even help but give out an exhausted sigh and said, “I think I’m good for the year”.

And yet here I am, 3 weeks later, getting jittery because I don’t have my next adventure planned.

Maybe it sounds cliché but being in my mid 20s (exactly – I turned 25 while over in Thailand) with a stable job with a 28 day rotation, I need some type of excitement in my life. In the schedule that I’m in right now, there are 7 days that I am not scheduled to work (and before you go get your panties in a knot, there is a week that I work 6 out of 7 days). In those 7 days off, I typically pick up some overtime, do some groceries, hang out with friends and whatever other little jobs that I neglect while I’m on my schedule. That 7 days off though makes it the perfect opportunity to go travel.

One of the reasons that I’m not trying to plan my next travel adventure is because I’m in the pursuit of looking to buy a house. And being in Thailand for 2 weeks and not being able to look at houses before or after then probably caused me to lose out on a few bids. My original plan anyways was to wait until after Thailand to start very seriously looking for a house but this adventure just isn’t the same as looking up a million sights to see in a new country or trying to learn a new language. And the market right now is almost too fast for me to keep up and having only my income is not exactly working out in my favour (#singlegirlwoes).

Some of the places that I’m hoping to go next year is Costa Rica. I just really have this idea about surfing, volcanoes, laying at the beach… I think it could be the perfect combination of vacationing and travelling all in one beautiful destination.

Hopefully my wanderlust will calm down a bit and the housing market will work out in my favour so I don’t feel this nervousness about being in the same place for too long. In the mean time, I guess I should plan some day or weekend trips to keep myself afloat.

Anywhere that you’re planning on going to this year??

Ideas vs. Actions

I love the idea of writing a book but I don’t love the work required to write a book.

I love the idea of running a marathon but I don’t really love the idea of all the training that would be required.

I love the idea of loving winter but I don’t really like the idea of being outside when it’s cold out.

There are so many ideas that I have in my brain. Honestly. (For people who do know me, I’m not always a space case – there are sometimes thoughts going on upstairs… not all the time… hahaha). Yet there are so few ideas that I truly translate into practice.

That’s a huge issue with my generation (people born in the 90’s). We have so many ideas and we’re so open to new experiences but we can’t always pinpoint just one that we want to focus on. Our bucket lists are forever running and yet, how many of those items will we actually accomplish? And will we be sad with the ones that we don’t? Probably not – they were just something that sounded cool but we didn’t bother actually doing the research. Time is fleeting, this I know, and yet it feels like it will always be there. It doesn’t feel like it’s been another year of my life and yet, I’m a week away from being 25.

My generation is going to be one with a long resume from all the job switches. My generation will likely be able to say they’ve lived in four different cities within ten years. My generation is not going to slow down gently. We want to have everything as soon as it crosses our mind. I’m curious to see what retirement looks like for my generation and whether we’ll have the physical strength and monetary support to live the way that we want. What is going to happen to debt and mortgages as my generation continues to age?

I sometimes try to be focused. I try to have specific goals that I work towards as the days go on. I try to have some meaning in the everyday rather than letting the days pass me by. On the last point, though, I will admit that I spend some time waiting for the next travel adventures that I’m about to go on. For example, I leave for Thailand tomorrow! Travel is something that has given my life that clarity that I was talking about – how sometimes it’s worth staying in so many days a week so I can go out on these grand adventures.

My latest accomplishment in enjoying the everyday is the fact that I have picked up more books in the last 6 months than I probably did within the 6 years of post-secondary education. I have rediscovered my love of reading and I’m so thrilled that it was one idea that I was able to put into practice. My library card is definitely getting its full use and my brain is happy for the influx of new ideas. I’m hoping that this new habit (along with this occasional habit of writing in this blog) will help assist me towards writing a book one day. That’s also why I’m trying to gather up new experiences – to give me clarity and new perspectives for writing a story one day.

Who knows that other ideas I might be able to work towards. I’m a work in progress but I still try.

Unexpected Relief

I always like when there’s an unexpected positive result from something that seems inconvenient.

To clarify: I am very close to going over my data plan for the month. I have never come close but due to uploading pictures onto my Google Drive over data (rather than being patient and waiting until I got home), I have spent the last week in a continuing awareness of my data consumption on my phone. And because of this awareness and not wanting to pay a stupid amount of money for random overage charges, I have turned my data off for the majority of the time. And when I’m at home, I am connected to our wireless and therefore, not using any data.

The result? I am on my phone way less! And actually enjoying life a little bit more.

I’ve told a few key people (my real estate agent mostly) that they need to let me know if they are sending me an email. And whether it’s time sensitive or not. I still turned on my data today while on break at work so I could check an email about a potential house offer but then afterwards, I turned it right back off. And I turned on my data a few times during night shifts to play a couple rounds of Words with Friends and check a few posts of IG and FB but I’m not spending the whole time looking at Pinterest (something that I probably spend way too much time doing). I turn on my data, check my notifications and then move on with my day. I don’t spend a whole lot of time checking to see if I have notifications – because once I know that they’re there, they bother the corners of my mind like I’m making someone wait for a response. Why should I feel like that kind of pressure with social media? I don’t think I need to feel the burden of being available to people 24/7. Yet it’s a new cultural norm with this overly accessible technology.

My plan refreshes on Tuesday so I am not worried that I’m going to go over my data at all. And sure, would it have been nice to be able to snapchat this featured picture? Yeah for sure but it’s not like I need to show people a moment to moment glimpse of what I’m doing in my day. I was able to upload it to my IG and FB when it was more time appropriate and got to spend the time with my friend rather than trying to find the best filter and hashtags for the occasion.

I feel like I’m a lot more disconnected from social media and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I am no longer “up to date” with all the Instagram photos or Facebook posts from all of my friends. I feel like I’m more of a human being rather than just a drone watching a screen.

Overall, will I probably turn my data back on starting on Tuesday? Yes. But I’m hoping that these changes of not being on my phone while I am out and about will continue.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians out here

🙂 xo